The Aim

I saw this show once – Dara O’Brien’s Tough Gig. It was about people who did Live action Role play or Larp. They dress up like some Lord of the Rings beauty pageant and knock seven bells out of each other with magic and weapons. Magic is consensual yelling the weaponry is made of foam. I think it was meant to make me think Larpers were a bunch of geeks without lives. Much to my Mum’s dismay I set eyes on it and knew what I wanted to do with my life: mainly become a knight. 

I did :D


As twenty first birthday presents go plate was a pretty cool one. However, larp is so much more than the look. It’s a living, breathing story you set in to. The world always has something about to tip it over the edge and you and your rag tag crew are often all that stands in the way of that.

Be it post apocalyptic, fantasy, modern day, steam punk there are more Larps than ice cream flavours and something for everyone.

It’s a hobby that’s gripped me for a couple of years now and I wanted to share what I’d picked up. Without some great teachers my swordplay would still be abysmal and my story telling would not be half as good.Speaking of swordplay I run a weapon’s practise each week. When I started this there was next to nothing on the internet offering advice or ideas. That’s what I want to change.

Each week I will throw a new game/drill/idea/practise up here to hone your sword/mace/stave/shield/really big stick skills. Bi weekly expect a post to discuss an idea from how to make a piece of kit, how to make a splash as a new player, what to take to your first event or how to give an effective order.

I’m blessed in the fact I bumped into a group of people willing and able to raise me from my rookie status. For anyone not that lucky I hope this helps :]


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