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So you’ve drummed up some interest for a hit around. The thing that is going to kill it faster than anything is people getting hurt. Here is a shortlist of things to pass on before you start.

1: RULE SEVEN – Rule seven is the most important idea in Larp, practise and is a dam good life rule. It’s don’t take the piss. If you hurt someone say sorry and mean it, if they are about to charge into a tree don’t let them so you can get the drop on them whiles they are down. Don’t gang up on the new guy relentlessly for your own ego.

2: MAN DOWN – these words  are saved for a special occasion: mainly someone is actually hurt. This doesn’t happen often if you’re following rule 1 (Read rule seven) but if a crisis happens it gets dealt with first – the match can finish later.

3: NO TIPS DOWN – Larp weapons hate having their tips placed on the ground. Doing that is going to damage them. If you want to put them down do it at the hilt (Non bladed) end.

4: NO TIPS IN PEOPLE –  Larp weapons have carbon fiber cores that can snap and pierce a human. Piercing humans is likely to drop your attendance a lot. While there are stab safe weapons out there it’s better to impress to your group no larp weapon is defaultly stab safe.

5: FOUL PLAY IS BAD PLAY – If someone falls for ‘hey look over there’ they deserve the back hit but if you face shot someone to blind them or ball shot a guy to put him down you are a cock. Keep it clean and avoid painful zones like the balls and face.

6: PULL YOUR BLOWS – People need to be hit with enough force to register the blow but not so much force you break your blade on them. Just as the blow is about to hit use your wrist to pull that weapon back. Not only does it make the blow nice and light it also lets you return to center more quickly for the next one.

7: SWOOSH IS BAD If your blade is going so quickly it makes a swooshing sound then you are not going to have time to pull that right. Add sound effects with war cries: not bad hits.

8: HAZARDS – We practise on an island, surrounded by a lake, covered in tress, littered with roots with uneven ground. Point this out to your group every time before you kick off. In the heat of the moment I have seen people forget trees don’t move no matter how hot a streak their on.