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The most known game there is. A no hold bars all on all brawl.

PEOPLE: As many as you want

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons

RULES: Everyone makes a big ass circle. Someone counts you in.  The only thing you need to agree before you start is hit points. Once you’re game anything larp safe goes. Last man standing wins.

Three hits global, one hit location and two hits locational all lead to very good brawls.


MY ONLY FRIEND: Team up people into pairs. Their partner is the only dude they trust left in the world and if either of them survive the slaughter they both take the victory. For some added awareness and regrouping training start them at opposite ends of the circle.

BACK STAB So their friend from the last round stole their girlfriend, ate their last rolo or has a different X Factor favourite. Whatever the cause the bromance is over. If one partner kills the other they regain all of their hit points. If anyone else lands that final blow they get nothing.

CAUGHT OUT Everyone starts a little closer together with weapons sheathed or on the floor

BARE KNUCKLE BRAWL Check everyone is okay with a weapon share then place all the weapons in the center or agreed areas. You start unarmed. A great on to get you used to different weapon sets but avoid if there is a chance a dog will piss off with a dag.

SWORDS IN Everyone touches blades in the center – yes dagger boys that includes you. Shields go behind backs. Count down – when the count ends everyone takes an agreed number of ‘safe steps’. These don’t have to be outwards but must not contact with anyone physically. Once you are down with your footwork you start fighting as normal. A great drill to teach people movement.


There are a few more fruity variants but I will save those for another post. If your are looking for a bread and butter warm up these are great ones to use. It teaches people to rely on themselves, pick their fights and when to go it. It is a simple ground zero to get new guys going too.