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Sometimes a small force of lone badasses have to deal with a horde of never ending monsters. This one is kinda like pacman in the sense it gets harder until the badasses lose but happy endings rarely see you fight so tooth and nail.

PEOPLE: As many as you want – vary the number of badasses to help cope. (3 is the best badass figure if you have the monsters)

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons and a spawn point

RULES: The badass or asses strut out to the centre of a large area – they work well as 3 hits per location or 5 hit global guys. Everyone else is a one hit global monster queuing in a manner way too orderly to make them goblins. Every 5 seconds the monster at the front of the queue spawns in. When a monster is killed they join the back of the queue. When a badass dies, if there are badasses remaining, they join the queue as a monster. Keep going until annihilation.

Have a Rule Seven* zone near the spawn point. The monsters should have about 10ft without coming into contact with a badass so they can pick their direction. In return when a monster spawns it move. No camping the spawn zone and no hiding there either.

Rotate your badasses.

*Don’t take the piss

TEACHES: Awareness, quick dispatch, communication, target focus, movement



NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: Monsters are Zombies and go half speed. A good way to get new players thinking about dispatch without being daunted by their opponents.

MONSTERS ARE LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES a ref gives out archetypes to monsters as they spawn. Examples include Zombies (3/4 speed, 1 global), goblins (Full speed, 1 global, loud), assassins (full speed, 1 global), hulks (Hero fighting, 3 hits). The played should be able to assess threat by the monsters movements and act accordingly.

DOWN, NOT OUT: Spawn in the first x in the queue before the game starts. (X is normally badasses + 2) They have 30 seconds grace to mop up the problem before the queue starts rolling. For hard mode cut their grace time.

MIGHT AND MAGIC: One badass may only carry a knife but they have 3 ranged strike downs. They use this by yelling ‘I strike you down Fred’. Fred now takes a knee on the floor for 10 seconds or falls on his back, touches both shoulder to the floor and gets back up again. Fred would be a nobber if he didn’t pay attention to his own person safety when deciding how to take this.