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Expect another list with such golden ideas as the safety box and how to eat without any cooking in a few posts time but of the meantime let’s get the obvious items sorted. Whenever I head to an event I check a list a great friend of mine wrote which goes a little like this:


Tent Know how to erect it before you go. Make sure it has all it’s parts. It needs to house you and all your kit.

Rollmat Comfy but not necessary. Make sure you have a layer to separate you from the ground. It’s a massibe heat sink.

Sleeping Bag A good one. Sure you can add your cloak to it but if that cloak is damp from the day’s larp you need to make sure your sleeping bag is enough solo.

Black Bin Bags Something to keep the rubbish together during an event. Also great for getting wet kit home.

First Aid Kit + Plasters Nothing big or high brow but some painkillers, throat sweets and blister plasters are cool

Torch A good one – know where you leave it so you don’t have to fumble in the dark. Spare batteries are a good call too. If you can a big one for the tent and a pocket one for traveling about is a great idea

Suncream Not optional.


Canteen or any IC looking water source. Having water makes friends fast and keeps you going.

Pack-a-Mac Something waterproof you can add under kit is a great way to keep off bad weather.

Greaves, Vambraces, Cuirass, Helmet Don’t be that dumbass that forgets the key part of their kit. Double check you have all the body areas before leaving. Remember any additional padding you need to make armour viable.

Belts However many you think you need plus one

Gloves IC and warm gloves. Putting a leather set over you woll ones will help keep your hands dry

Pouches Because not all kit let’s you get to pockets

Scabbards To keep hands free

Book and Pen IC diary or just a forget me not pad – it’s dam handy

Weapons Because your winning smile will not kill the basilisk


 Pyjamas Having dry clothes for sleeping is sweet

Boots The studier the better. Break them in before you go.

Underwear You may change this in a larp event. May

Normal Socks and Thick Socks More dry feet is more awesome

Trousers x2 and Shirts x2 If IC that’s awesome. Failing that plain colours.

Thermal Vests and Thermal Trousers some events are that bad.

Jumper Something plain to go under kit for the winter nights.

Wash Kit:

 Toothbrush and Toothpaste Events tend to be a weekend. At least once a day will make you feel more human

Comb Presentable badasses are the best badasses

Towel Makes a great pillow if not used. Great for drying armour, weapons and yourself

Toilet Roll Never rely on your local toilet to have what you need.