Rule seven is pretty clear cut: don’t take the piss. This rolls through all parts for Larp from the roleplay, ‘capture’, ‘torture’, theft, health and safety and the fighting. Especially the fighting. When you are hurling blow after blow at people sprinting about some accidents are going to happen, sometimes you will get too into it and you will screw up. We kinda all sign up for a little hurt: larp is a contact sport. However, there is a cap on what is acceptable and different people have different thresholds. Here is a quick guide on how not to be a douche bag when something goes wrong.

  • Don’t keep going. If you hurt someone (or think you may have) give them a chance to get out, take a breather or steady themselves. If in doubt double check. Killing them while they are oc down is a dick move.
  • Take a moment out. When you’re so heated you made a mistake you’re likely to make another. Take a breath. Can your character do another role? Heal? Drag bodies away? Guard someone rather than be active in the fight? Loot a monster? (Loot a comrade?)
  • Pick your blows. Try and avoid making shots if you are screwing up a certain one. I know when I get too excited my upper right head swipes become dangerous so I avoid that one altogether when the pressure is on. Know yourself – remember the win is not worth the lawsuit

Most importantly:

  • Say sorry. The amount of times I have seen this simple act screwed up makes me mad.
  • When you say sorry it is NEVER okay to say I’m sorry but-. If the fault is partially yours and theirs (They ducked into the blow or it’s freezing but their practicing in a t-shirt) Start by saying you are sorry. Accept your portion of fault. If you think you have worthwhile advice then go onto say it. I’m sorry but you’re dressed like a dumbass is you wiping off a part of your error with their’s. I’m sorry dude – have you thought about a gambeson? is accepting your bad and trying to help with theirs.
  • You are never too in character to say sorry. I don’t give a fuck you are an uncompromising jerk IC. If you OC injure someone you hop out of that skin and make sure your fellow Larper is okay. We’re a community – let’s act like it.
  • It matter what they felt not what you did. This one is the hardest to stomach as a blow you know you would have laughed off may be seen as too hard by others. Your best bet is to start with a sorry. Lay down that good foundations. If that person starts to moan everyone’s hits are too hard it might be they are yet to realise how larp feels – year on year we have newbies who learn to roll with the punches. However, if this persists spar with a trusted friend and ask them if you are going any heavier also try to lighten up on person calling you out. Rarely will a person not take a blow because it’s too light.

This advice can all be summed up by a piece of advice a fantastic larper gave me once: keep one toe oc. Not enough to dampen your rp or your fight but enough to remember killing the phys rep is not the same as killing the monster.