So the world is dying on it’s ass and your and your ritualists are off to save it. Shame some other guys turned up to make it worse. Your goal it to kill all of the other team’s ritualists as fast as you can. Catch is you need to defend yours too.

A lot of people playing this game for the first time forget to be the aggressor; without a good offense you do not have a hope here. Also a lot of new ritualist drop back out of the line. As a ritualist you have the same hits as everyone else and you know they are shooting for you. Instead of leaving your line a man down get in there, get some good defense on each side and have people to attack anyone going for you while their arm is extended.

PEOPLE: As many as you want.

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons and space

RULES: Everyone is 2 hits locational or three hits global. Split the group into two teams. Three people nominate themselves to be ritualists. They number themselves 1, 2 and 3 and make themselves and their order known to the other team. After you count in ritualist 1 chants nice and loudly. It should be distinct enough so they can be picked out. They chant until death. On their death they hand over to the next surviving ritualist. When a team is out of ritualists they lose.

TEACHES: Target focus, awareness, communication.


NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD When a person dies, so long as they still have a ritualist left, another ritualist can do a 10 second chant over them to bring them back as a zombie (2 hits global – half to 3/4 speed). If a ritualist is brought back they cannot perform rituals anymore. Good to use for distractions and to keep newer fighters going.

WE BOUGHT THE TANK Vary the hits so you have some hard asses in there. 4 hits loc and 6 hits global will make for some good variety in the softer mix. Best to ban ritualists from this role.

WE BOUGHT THE SPELL CASTERS Drop some people’s hits to 1 loc or 1-2 global but they get 2 ranged strike downs per spawn.

SILENT BUT DEADLY The ritualists do not have to make themselves know and they can mumble their chants. They must be audible but need not be loud.

SRS ROLEPLAY Give the teams a ritual subject. They have to chant about that theme and do an on the fly ritual about it. Good to practise roleplay but make sure you have the people there ready and willing.