So it’s been a weekend of body checks in our local larp and I thinks it’s time to address that. Forgive the harsher tone in this post.

Guys – it’s not okay.

A body check is when any part of your body, kit or a non striking surface ram another person or their non striking surfaces. A ram is not necessarily so hard it knocks them down or shunts them but that often is the result.

Why Bodycheck is dumb:

  • Knocking over people – dumb
  • Shunting people around while there are people on the floor waiting to be healed and not stepped on – dumb
  • Breaking shields and weapons by careless movement – dumb
  • Knocking off glasses – dumb
  • Forgetting some larpers are tiny and making your small female friend eat metal pauldron – dumb (And I’ve been there)
  • Stopping the fight to talk about oc safety after – dumb (And tedious)

Let’s be honest – you’re bored of this post already. It’s too much like a safety brief and there are plenty of reasons why body checking might seem like a good idea.

  • I was charging: my monster wouldn’t have stopped
  • I was charging – I expected them to move

If you used any of the above reasons to justify your actions you have failed to cut my mustard. Stop being a knobber and think about the oc ramifications. (See what I did there)

  • I was just doing it to break their line to shake up the fight
  • It was my one chance

Okay here you have my sympathy, but not my approval. See the list below on some quick tips to break a line without hurting people

  • I slipped into them
  • I couldn’t stop in time
  • They were closer than I thought

Here is a case of getting a handle on yourself. One. Toe. Out. Of. Character. At. All. Times. If you can’t gauge something safely don’t do it.

Let’s get it together

More often than not it is a monster party that makes a foolish charge. There is something okay IT’S COOL BRO I RESPAWN that seem to make people forget they have one physical body and that doesn’t come back. As a monster remember to reign yourself in.

Good ways to avoid body checking

  • Bear in mind your ground – your footing and ground quality should always play a big part into your speed of approach and stopping distance. If you know you’re going to slide slow it down well in advance of the party and let rip a shriek our roar.
  • Make that first blow heroic – Hero fighting is when you champion style and substance over speed and really act out your role. Trolls heave their blows, golems land mighty strikes and zombies creak into action. Take your run and slow it down to emphasise that first, incredible strike.
  • If they are sardines don’t jump in the tin – If the party are shoulder to shoulder then you are not getting in there. Deal with it.
  • Bide your time – If you have to charge them wait for it. People are like magpies in Larp. SHINY TARGET *Abandon line* is the most common mistake of any good solid formation. If you want your chance be willing to wait for it.
  • Just kick ass from the front – Know what is inefficient for killing most monsters? Line. Unless players engulf you you’re fighting them in 2-d. No one is stabbing you in the back, no one is threatening your flanks. Just wear them down as you are.

The root of the issue

Let’s be honest – if we have a better plan we tend to use Plan: Stupid less. He is a 101 for breaking lines without breaking players.

  • Slowly slowly catchy monkey – if you wait long enough your chance will come. You don’t have to rush for the kill all the time.
  • Flanking! You know what is awesome? Folding round flanks to get around a line. You don’t need to break through what you can walk around.
  • Flanking with friends – If everyone is trying to hold the flanks, gaps often occur in the center of a formation. Red carpet right there.
  • If there is no one there then keep going – If a player has scrambled from your war cry well in advance of you entering then WELL ROLEPLAYED SON ENJOY YOUR DINNER.

So, yeah. Keep charging! It’s awesome! Also keep breaking lines – it makes fights badass and is often how you pressure certain classes like mages. That said: rule seven always applies and kill the player – not the phy rep.