Chaps: it’s been good. But this world is sinking in Lava and I will be the last man standing on that last little patch of existence.

PEOPLE: As many as you want. You need 2, ideally 3, refs to mark your area.

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons and space


  • Everyone is 2 hits locational or three hits global.
  • Everyone forms a circle – the refs stand outside that. The refs are lava – going beyond them is an auto death.
  • When you’re out you join the refs to help mark the outer ring.
  • On the ref’s call of step the outer ring gets smaller. (A unified call is best so everyone moves – the fan favourite it ‘STEP’)
  • The last man standing wins.


  • Hazard awareness – both enemies and barriers need to be kept in mind
  • Forced movement – being able to hit is secondary if you can pressure a gent out the ring. Using your aggression to effect is a good skill to hone. This also teaches people to stand their ground.
  • Locational targeting – especially in loc targeting legs is a great strategy
  • Keeps your group focused – rounds are short and they are encouraged to watch to the last man meaning they get to see good fighters at work. Good warm up as it is quick and messy.


HARD MODE Another ref is in the middle. They have a single sword. And infinite hits. And can’t move. Enjoy that. It’s the last man standing bar the ref to take victory.