(So I may have forgotten 8 was a number last post. The only solution is to apply more post)


It’s a ruff world out there and when the fight is on don’t paws for thought. Separate the mongrel from the pedigree with a quick changing game about target selection and threat assessment.

PEOPLE: As many as you want.

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons and space


  • Everyone starts as a HUMAN – they are 2 hits loc or 3 hits global.
  • Form a circle and fight as normal
  • When you die for the first time you become a DOG. Dogs are one hit loc or 2 hits global. They are completely loyal (to the point of ‘will die for’) the person who kills them. Their killer is their MASTER. (Dog noises encouraged)
  • When you die for the second time you are out
  • The last master left wins
  • If a master dies all the dogs become FREE DOGS and a free dog wins by being the last man standing.


  • Situational awareness – There is no better drill to keep an eye on a changing battle field
  • Leadership – A strong master with a dog or two is terrifying. Strong orders and swift responses make all the difference in this game
  • Chance taking – if you pause for too long at the start you will find yourself the only master without dogs
  • Target recognition – Picking the right foe is key to staying alive be that taking on the lone target or working on a wounded master to set loose his dogs.


STRAYS When a dog is killed he raises a hand or kneels for 10 seconds. After that 10 seconds they spawn where they stand as a free dog with 1 loc or 2 global hits. The game is won by the last master left alive.