Defense: that heavily underrated skill. Here is one to make your lads think about placement, defence and line fighting in a different light.

PEOPLE: As many as you want. Two refs. The more you have the harder this gets – with 8 a side we made this work – much more I would recommend cycling three teams.

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons and space


  • Divide into two teams. Each team needs a ref.
  • The refs stand to form two edges of a corridor. The teams face each other in said corridor.
  • Name each team – we use trees and lake (aka what they are nearest to) pick something easy so if you swap the teams around they can settle into their new team.
  • Count in and engage. Every time a person on a team takes a hit they call out their team name. The ref then calls their team name then the number of hits that team has taken. ie TREE, TREE – tree one, tree two – TREE – tree three.
  • The first team to take 20 hits loses.


  • Defensive fighting – such a difference beast. The name of the game is clean hits and taking those shots when you can.
  • Line fighting – when trapped in a line you need to block for your friends, bait and outwit who you are fighting. (Line fighting 101 is on my list to write.)
  • Line Movement – even in a line fight there should be a lot of movement. Knowing when to go forwards and back and moving as one is the only way to do well here. If you get one guy charging forwards his exposure will cost the team dearly – likewise if someone doesn’t step up their gap will put pressure on the people left.

Credit to one of my favourite mages for the name.