Here is a multi layered objective game that made my group feel so badass they declared themselves Spartans. When you have no working name for a game I find listening to your audience is a good enough plan!

PEOPLE: As many as you want – you need to declare some people spartans and we have found 5 seems to work but it depends on the size of your gate.

REQUIRES: A gateway (we have 2 trees that are ideal markers) and an objective (my helm is our working item.)


  • Spartans are 7 global/4 locational. Monsters are 1 global.
  • Five spartans stand firm in their pass. The gateway should be large enough there is about a swords length between them and their nearest comrade. It should be about 20/30 foot from the spawn point.
  • The pass cannot be circled by the monsters – it is through that gate or nothing.
  • A monster spawns once every five second. Neither monsters nor players should camp the spawn point (Rule seven: don’t take the piss)
  • The objective is about 30ft behind the spartan’s line. If the objective can be return to the spawn point then all spartans take a global double in loc or 3 points of damage in locational. The objective cannot be thrown. If the monster with the objective is killed they drop it.

Note: the gateway is your only narrow point. Monster must come back through the gateway to get to the spawn point but while inside can give them a good run around.


  • Position holding. The gateway is the best defensive position and securing that is the key to survival.
  • Crisis action. If the line is breached it is often better to send one person and hold than to send the whole force and let the monsters pour in.
  • Rotation. If you send a few people forward to dealing with the monsters in the early phases of the game it keeps numbers in check; having people at the gate for stragglers is also clever. Switching people out from the more active and passive ones helps them catch their breath.
  • Communication – telling someone they are about to get backstabbed; big and clever.
  • Cutting your losses – knowing when to move from the lovely gateway to hold on the objective is important. If your down to your last two guys you have to mix up your tactics or you will lose out on what matters.