Cardio shouldn’t be overlooked as a LARP skill. Stamina will let you get the best of tired opponents, let you be the momentum when your mates are flagging and, importantly, keep your arms and legs on track for safer movements for longer.

Here are two games I run at the end of our warm up section to get the lads running.



Inspired after watching Battle Royale, this game is a free for all with sections of the battle field becoming unsafe in the blink of an eye.

PEOPLE: Any amount. You need at least one ref.

REQUIRES: Nothing but weapons and space


  • Everyone forms a circle, ref central. Everyone is 2-3 loc/ 4-5 global and refs are invincible.
  • The objective is to be the last man standing.
  • The ref rotates and whenever they desire hold out both arms and start to loudly count back from five. When they hit 0 they either yell ‘All clear’ (No body between their arms) or they name/describe those in their area and detail damage.
  • Damage should be be pre agreed. In global 1-2 points of damage will do it. In lock specify a location or agree a default before beginning – I point of damage is enough.
  • As the game goes on lower the count to 3 and broaden the arc. Refs are advised to use their smiting for cowards, to force movement, to try and encourage fights rather than break them and, above all, obey rule seven.


  • Situational Awareness: Keeping eyes on where those arms are pointing is vital when the arc gets wide
  • Opportunity management: if you can back your enemy into the line of fire you can damage them with a sword swing
  • Cardio: Running like your spawn depends on it – a practical example.


Air Support Two teams go against each other to the last man standing. Each team has one ref supporting them with <x> number of shots.



We have a killer in our midst back home. A guy of ruthlessness and efficiency like I’ve never known. I designed this game because I thought it’d be funny to watch him play. It was.

The mechanic is styled off the Vampire mode in Timesplitters 2 for you gamers out there.

PEOPLE: Any amount. You need at least one ref.

REQUIRES: Weapons – spaces – a stopwatch – a whistle or a loud voice


  • Everyone forms a circle, ref central. Everyone is 1-2 loc/ 3-5 global and refs are invincible.
  • The objective is to be the last man standing.
  • The game starts at the whistle. So does the stop watch. The players must have a kill before the whistle next blows or they are out.
  • The whistle should go roughly every 30 seconds. Make it long enough for safe engagement but short enough for them to sweat for it.


  • Awareness: If you can work out who has and hasn’t killed and you know if you have or haven’t you have a lock down on the game’s strategy. Offense until kill – defense thereafter. When going for a kill people leak hits so work out who is on your hit list and who is going to turtle for time.
  • Cardio: Clocks a’ticking
  • Target selection. When the seconds are down shields are a nightmare. This drill also makes back up ‘go for broke’ daggers your friend.

I’M CHEATING Add a ball to center court. Anyone holding the ball can ignore the whistle. You must have a free hand to hold the ball.