I know a guy. He is wonderful and makes me ponder LARP often; the other day me made me really think. Credit to bestest Gnome for the inspiration for this article.

He asked me simply ‘What do you pay <the LARP system owner> a lot of money for?’

Don’t think about that in terms of pure cash. Think about why you give the cash to them and not someone else; not another system nor another love in your life.

Then take it further. Your body pays the toll of an event as does your studies or your work holiday allowance. Think of all of that headspace. Think of all of that effort. Every train route conquered. Every cold night in a tent.

Gods knows I’d pay it all twice over. I loved growing up as a character who taught me courage and now I’m in a position to help other people find it in themselves. Sword fighting is my friend and that alone will fascinate me for a lifetime. Despite all of the times I have broken my little frame – and to say they have been many and serious is putting it lightly – wounds heal and I’m stronger and fitter than ever for it.

Have a think: are you investing enough into the right systems?

Do you want to invest more and would that give you more return? Invest anything from your skills at organising others transport or being the guy with pain killers. Add to a world by helping other people do a great facepaint job or help erect an ic tent for some shelter. Could you trek to monster events or crew them?

Alternatively, do you need to invest less. If your events are muscling about in a fort of paperwork then are you really larping? Have you done too many events in a row – enough to get burnt out? If you love that then more power to you but make sure you are enjoying it.

I’ve seen too many people grow jaded through my time in the hobby and I’m not at year 5 yet. So ask yourself, and keep asking yourself: What do you pay for?