So my eagle eyed reader base pointed out I cannot number my games for toffee. I will stop trying but keep throwing games at you 😀



So with my event optimism running high I invented a fighting retreat drill!

PEOPLE: Any amount.

REQUIRES: You need loot. Can be anything from a football to a tied up hoodie (Avoid breakables) You also need a long space – at least 100 meters gives for a good game


  • Have roughly 3 heroes. They are 3/4 loc or 6/7 global. They start at the hero spawn
  • Have MANY MONSTERS! They are one global. They queue at the monster spawn which is opposite the hero spawn (Roughly 100m away). One spawns every 5 seconds.
  • Have some monsters pre spawned to start. 2 near the hero spawn, 2 on the loot tends to work.
  • Heroes must get the loot back to their spawn point. You must have a free hand to carry and move at half pace with the item. Two people may carry the item together to move at a full walking pace.
  • Monsters aim to take out the heroes.


  • Recovery. It takes a good retreat to save lives
  • Monster placement. If a monster can run between the Heroes and their spawn they can earn the few seconds that tip the game.
  • Quick dispatch. Letting monsters pile up is suicide
  • Objective management. Letting monsters pile up is suicide unless they are 20 meters away and you are nearly home…
  • Cardio! Many runs 😀


HARD MODE To raise the stakes on this change the starting spawns. Upping, lowering and changing the locations of monsters gives this drill it’s challenge. Moving the monster spawn to the halfway point also reduces monster cool down making their interception of the players painfully quick.