Sometimes I use way too many words. I like words. They let me bimble about until I express myself. Sometimes – in the quest to cut 5 paragraphs I make a glorious diagram. This is still something I am trying to teach to my friends so I thought I’d share


A simple bit of wisdom for you.

It doesn’t matter how many blokes you have if you fight like it is a side scroller.

If you have strength of numbers and you approach one guy as a line – congrats – you have given him the easiest time he could have. He can attack you, fear not his flanks and back off indefinitely turning your gained ground into nothing.

If you can get a guy behind him you limit his movement from side to side. If you can form a triangle they have to have the guts to fight their way out or perish. If they manage to fight out make it a dirty trade for them.

The second thing you need to remember is this:

The average man only had one pointy side

Meaning that if you have three men on their one they can only be a real threat to one side of your triangle. Make them regret having a back.


So I managed to not write 5 paragraphs in a Larp document. I guess I wrote them here instead but I just want to scream it from a roof top: Line fighting is dumb sometimes!