Been a little hectic with the events going on but thanks to a wonderful elf I know I was given cause to ponder. She is a grand power for good in the games I play; may she ever force me to think :] The part of her question to us that really captured me was ‘How did you become special? ‘ 

I am possibly the luckiest larper ever. People let me be Gods of Gods, Embodiments of Guilds, Chosen ones and a faction of folk tolerate me as their War Leader. I often wonder how the hell I pulled this off. What made my bumble through Larp special?

Also I go back to one story as an answer. It is simply this:

So picture the fresh faced, not quite sold, class of 2010 smeared with war paint and stood by a lake in jeans. Some guy in a tiger skin asked who would hold the flank. It was two flower pots. There was this long silence until some little green face punk said ‘yeah, alright then’. 

Those were my first words: ‘yeah, alright then.’ From that I spring boarded into an unlikely hero and led our merry band through thin and thinner to beat down a demon lord a year later.

The first thing I did as a larper was and will always be my wisest act: I said yes.


So – t’is the season and in that spirit I beg you: seize the game and say yes. The worse that happens is you have to tell a different story; the best is that you have the joy to become other people’s history.