After a sensational Unicorn year it’s only right to outline the rules of a very popular larp game 😀



Like rugby with swords 😀


PEOPLE: Seven per team – having subs is advisable. At least 1 ref is required – more is better.

REQUIRES: 4 shields, 4 poles, 4 swords, 2 buckets, 1 ball.


  • Each team has 7 players.
  • Only the Qwick can move the ball – they may throw. They have no weaponry and one global hit.
  • Other members of the team are two swords and two poles – they have one hit global. Finally you have 2 shields; they have no weapon and 3 hits global. They may not touch or move the ball in any way – rule seven applies for accidental collisions. 
  • The pitch is about 30 meters by 10 meters.Goals are set at each ends of the pitch.
  • The objective is to get the ball into your opponents goal.
  • If both Qwicks are dead or there is a score both teams reset to their goal lines.
  • If the ball is out of play a Qwick may go and collect it. The ball may be declared out if the ref deems the movement of the ball to be rule seven they may award the ball to the opposition Qwick or reset the point.
  • There is strictly no shield barging or contact. It is not shield barging if the shield was still and the opponent moved onto their shield. Accidental contact happens but poor sportsmanship is not acceptable.
  • Mutual hits count. A mutual hit is loosely regarded as landing within half a second of the first blow and in a movement that was already in motion. The ethos ‘if in doubt take it’ is encouraged. 


  • Objective management – is it time to kill their Qwick or play defence?
  • Relative Exchange – Pole mutualing a sword is not a good deal for the pole.
  • Opportunity management – the Qwick doesn’t need a clear pitch to score – just a good run and some sense. Likewise you need to play very differently if you are the team with all the weapons if your opponents have none.
  • Awareness and adaptation – a very quick fire game that changes in seconds. A good team rolls with the punches.
  •  Cardio – fit and fast players make a hell of a difference.
  • Placement – shields are glorified speed bumps but without good work by them the team sinks. 


  • Poor man’s play – Run with whatever weapon sets you have that you can balance. 
  • Whirlwind’s influence – Add two Ambi Users.
  • Rule of Double – Multi ball shenanigans. 


Very proud to say my faction worked their tails off and scored 4th this year. Podium next year guys? One People – One Nation ^_^