Mob combat: best combat. One versus a hoard – my money goes on the mooks with the knives nearly every time if they know what they’re doing. I wrote a few games to teach new guys to the concept how to work together. This was the warm up and started to help them twig the key concepts.


PEOPLE:As many as you like

REQUIRES: A tabbard or shoulder sash


  • Everyone on is three global/two loc hit points.
  • Last man standing wins.
  • Start in a circle.
  • In the center of it is a tabbard. If the tabbard is worn the wearer gets 3 global or 2 locational bonus hits (amour value – AV). These cannot be regenerated. These are used up before hit points. These are lost if the armour is dropped.
  • On death the tabbard is dropped. The tabbard can be willingly abandoned. The tabbard cannot be taken from a player and may only be taken from the ground when a player dies wearing it (choking people for AV is not cool.)
  • The tabbard only bestows AV when properly worn.
  • The tabbard counts as fresh for every player. So if Sir Dickhead dies while wearing it and Lady Hitsalot then puts it on it counts as giving her full hits.
  • The tabbard does not refresh if you take it off. Those bonus hits refresh between matches only.


  • Mob mentality. There is a guy standing out. No one person is likely to be up for the job – better work together.
  • Priorities: Sure, the guy your fighting has one hit left but going 2 on 1 in the guy in fabric seems like a much better idea.
  • Decision making: are 3 hits worth the agro at this point? Can you camp the tabbard or hide it on you until they are then put it on?
  • Movement: while you want to tag team with the other people they are still going to beat on you if you get into the wrong position


  • Joseph and his techni-coloured death fest: Give everyone a colour. Every colour corresponds to a tabbard. You may only wear your colour. Your aim is to be the last man standing.
  • Dressed to impress: There are 3 tabbards. You can wear multiple ones. AV stacks.
  • Creed: There are 3 tabbards. Anyone wearing them is on the same side and win if only tabbard wearers survive.