Some games are fun. Others are worthwhile. This is the latter.

One of the very few games I have with a win condition. It sounds easy but is deceptively hard with the right people. If you find you are wiping before knocking out one person that is normal – don’t worry. 

This is a simple arrangement to teach the bread and butter of numbers. Both the single soldier and the duo can learn a lot from this. I aim to have a post up with diagrams soon to go through what I mean. In the meantime club a mate and see if you can work it out.

PEOPLE: Looking for 5 – more people means people get a breather – if you have 12+ split into 2 games

REQUIRES: Space – some people up for some torture. 


  • One man centre. They have 1 more hit than the opposition. I recommend 3 per loc. 
  • Opposition have one less hit – I recommend 2 per loc.
  • Two queues – one either side of the play area hold the opposition
  • Game starts – one opposition spawns from each queue. 
  • When an opposition dies one from their queue spawns
  • If the player survives 2 rounds of opposition (4 total) he wins. 


  • Movement – without this you’re dead. Two people will do one of two things if they are playing to their strengths – stay together and maul you with their improved distance or flank you – one at your front, one at your back – until you die. Your job is to work out which plays to their strength as quickly as you can and deny them.
  • Stamina – by the fourth man you ought to be flagging
  • Timing – knowing when to rush is key – mess up your entry on a 2 on 1 drill and you are a dead man walking