A lot of things are in Lorien Trust’s rule book and a lot aren’t. Something I have failed to pay attention to in three years of playing is what happens on death. Here is a quick run down of what to expect.


  • I am sorry to say your character is dead. When this is said try to keep it cool. Kicking and screaming now won’t help the scene around you
  • Please can I have your character card and anything special This included your loresheet. I was laying on mine in plate and couldn’t take my card off. This lead to
  • Would you like to step aside for me please The ref took me away from the scene to help me deal with the ooc admin
  • Please return to the scene when you’re ready I was allowed to take a breath and resume the hard work that was lying down and being still.
  • When you are ready come down to GOD and make a new character Remember God shuts. I died at midnight and motored down to get a new char. If God is shut don’t panic – tomorrow is a new day but do keep an eye on the time. 
  • Can you sign here to say you are happy with your death please There is a form that you can fill out to say how your ref is a dick head and the monster were hitting you with faction ward polls. If you have a genuine issue do go for it but, if like me, your death was ic completely fair cop just sign it with dignity
  • Please may I keep my possession? It was cool. My ref was a bad ass. My possession had a flavour text line about being brave and bold when feared and I asked if I could keep it. They cut off the duration to make it invalid and gave it to me. While you might not be as lucky (I met my ref in GOD by chance) it is worth asking nicely :]


  • Be a warm corpse Do not die oc – people might assume you are being the best corpse ever. 
  • Be a quiet corpse You are dead. Don’t let this last bit of rp let down your char.
  • Be a comfortable corpse If you die on your ass crushing your arm with your plate people don’t mind you moving
  • If being dead is sad then look forward Make a new character in your head, think of merry mischief to come and try not to think too hard
  • If being dead is as okay as it can be chill and think of what you did right Won some wars, raised a group, went from a flower seller to a field marshal – la la la~ 


  • Drinking is a-okay. I got violently drunk. This is not necessary but is a TI commander tradition. My friends made sure I was warm, watered and safe. If you’re going to go all out have the people in place
  • Don’t be the messenger If you got assassinated don’t tell the whole world the details. That is their rp you’re killing. Be the bigger man and preach any disdain quietly
  • Remember the world is still breathing Better to make a new character and wear your mates twenty two size too big dress than to sit there in jeans and bitch ooc. Make a joke character and swindle your way into the faction you’d like to drink with the most


This is probably not the last post on Friday night but I hope for you long surviving badasses this one day proves useful in the distant future :]