Opinion is divided on this one but if I had the choice I’d rather play and lose. If that means my items or even my character if I go on an event I commit.

I was handed the treasure stick at uni larp and the adventure was sold as the most dangerous mission yet. To me that is the most iconic item of the year and the thought I might not bring it home initially led me to turn it down.

The owner and good friend of mine said this: if you don’t use it what is the point?

That, right there, is larp perfectly. You can sit on a dragon hoard of power and lammies but if you don’t chance it then where is fun? Larp is a game to be played not a dusty character card to be worshipped.

The counters are ‘why should I risk what took years in a moment’ and ‘I’m not motivated to be here’. The answer to both in my mind tends to be the same. Normally your character is part of a group. That group, faction, clan or coven care. If they didn’t care about something they’d not be more than a stat line. Engineer a character that cares, invest in one heartfelt belief and your roleplay and conviction to play ought to spiral from there. A character that can turn down every risk or adventure is not one I would play nor understand people playing.

Cowards are coerced, conmen are bought, Kings are swayed by duty and peasants are drawn by hope. There should always be a card that could lead you to go all in on a mission.

Something that makes you take the stick, go to a treacherous swamp, steal an eleven crown and become queen. More on that next time.

Suffice to say for now: Risk – venture – try – seek – engage.