Seven weekends. Back to back. Running for my life in a dark forest, being devoured by blood pit horrors, crawling through a trap littered test, defeating a God of void. You know: the usual.

It really hit me this week – the lack of time and sleep and the back to back busyness. I started to have to sit here and ponder if it was worth it. The pros speak for themselves: more larp. The cons are mainly cost, fatigue and forsaking everything non larp in my life. Also, it can be hard to keep the hype alive. You have to look forward to so much and so fast you don’t always get the burning build up the more larp starved of people get.

I was talking with a dear gnome about if it was worth it and he pointed out to me most larpers have a prime – one day they won’t be able to do this. So, for now, I will drink up my endless adventures while I can have them. I have found a lot of sleep and a very well packed bag being my savior.

My top three tips for getting being professional by week and awesome by weekend:

1) Have a little discipline. Keening until 2 post event is fun. The next day at work isn’t.

2) Eat well. Take away is one hell of a time saver but it just drags your body down over time. If you can eat cleaner you will go a lot further.

3) Try and be a week ahead of the game. (Three nights before the Blood pit was not a good time to realize I had no armor) Taxis book up sooner than you’d like and train fares are fickle beasts. Race the rush

Interested to hear if anyone else has anything to add :]