Dear Rumour Mill,

Gathering is so close I can taste it. It’s the biggest event of the year for the Lorien Trust (LT) system but this one is set to be a little special. There has been build up for 2 years about traveling to a very far off and dangerous part of the world as unliving pour out. If you believe your hype you need 14 sets of character kit, there will be 200 monsters at time in and George R R Martin wrote the plot.

You’re is the best double edged sword. I have seen glints in people’s eyes that have been dimmed for years. Old salts are unpacking their back up char kit and newbies are preparing to learn the meaning of fear.

This is not bringing out the keen in everyone. Some people are turned off by the event’s alleged lethality. LT is a cruel mistress for challenge. It is a fest system where progression takes years. For those who cannot deal with paralysis (by blow: stand still for 60 seconds) this is going to be like vogue in slow motion. Also, it is not a realm of warriors. Most people have a weapon but a fair number have but one or two hits. These unliving are on home turf so will be pretty dam chunky. I have heard some people say it is not worth them trying as they’d take a quarter of a healers daily power to take out one mid level enemy… And then that enemy will respawn…. With his 20 mates….

That said, my friend, you can stay. For every person that has the courage to break their fears there will be reward (at worst an opportunity for a new character or some roleplay). Thanks to you everyone who goes outside will get their ‘Yeah, well, were you at Al’Quifar?’ badge. If it wasn’t for you it wouldn’t mean anything. And I guess for everyone who doesn’t join in my monster room will be that much fuller.

“But what about the guy you just mentioned: the guy who will spend a load of healer’s power?” Firstly, if you’re not about fighting find another way out! Play possum, flee the scene, get back up, barter, halt the guy next to you and run. Work out the story you’re telling: we’re not all warriors and we’re not all good guys. If you want to get involved in the fights: do. I have only see one guy die to an absolute lack of healing. When we absolutely need the thames we find them. Don’t be an unnecessary liability and trust if you play with the team then the team will back you up as best they can. Critically If you’re nervous about your ability then ask other people for help before it is life and death*

The only people I would ask you ease up on are the tent huggers. They need incentive to come out and play – your forecasting monsters 24/7 (or 16/4 I guess). We just need to reassure them this isn’t true and there will be safer times to go outside. Otherwise they may as well be camping. We don’t want to scare people off: just scare people.

Thank you again for getting me excited over the last month. I’ve been practising my spells, working out a back up character and a survival plan. I’ve spent days talking about this. You help my hobby a lot.




*If you want to run through fighting I will be at the Unicorns from Thursday at 4pm. Happy to teach anything or spar if you’re new or nervous.