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Over the next few weeks expect the basics of fighting, style of ruck and a few of Nottingham’s favorite trick shots. First of all, let’s get the gushing back story to this out the way…

Larp fighting is possibly my greatest joy on this earth. I cannot stress enough: I am no expert. However, I am good. Importantly, as much as fortune will allow, I am pretty safe.

For a few years I have been helping out new fighters because I remember how soul destroying it was to have all the love for the art and none of the skill to enact it. (It is a running joke I will say ‘you can’t be as bad as I was’ and an older friend of mine will yell ‘It’s true!’) I was lucky enough to bump into 2 lads who with a great deal of patience, bruises and whiskey taught me how to fight. How I learned was not available to everyone (nor is it something everyone would have enjoyed!) So come my third year I took on a class of people and started to teach.

I’ve trained about 100 people now ranging from enthralled fresh faces, awkward girlfriends (and boyfriends), people who’ve been larping since before I was born and passing hecklers who didn’t expect me to say yes.

I’ve learned there are some universal truths that will make you better and then some tricks that are not for everyone. People will add their flare to what they do but boil them down and you will see the same fundamentals. So – we’ll start there. One post every 3 days. We’re going to start simple and solo focusing on you. Then move to the basic battle situations, weapon sets, sportsmanship and every so often hear from friend of mine on how they rip it up.