Every. Last. Dam. Muscle. Should. Be. Fighting.

Your toes, mind and ass all play as much as a role as each other then fighting. Below is my recommended single sword stance for a beginner. When we get to weapon sets I will mention tweaks I favour but as a staple this will do you well.

For reference: if you pick up a sword and it feels at home in that hand it is your dominant hand. If it does not have the sword in it then that is your off hand.
From the bottom up!
• Stand: weight on your toes, so your heels graze the floor. Shoulders width apart.
• Step: you your dominant hands’s foot is half a step forward.
• Step: so your off hand’s foot is half a pace back
• Point: your feet should be at 45 degree angle to your nose. They should be pointing away to your dominant hand.

Legs and body:
• Bend knees: add the spring to your step – don’t be so low it will make you sluggish
• Turn your body: pull your off hand’s shoulder away.
• Stand up straight: leaning forward may give you a bit of extra reach but it compromises your balance. Have a good posture.
• Off hand away: don’t give them extra targets – tuck that behind you.

The sword arm
• Hold: As I was taught so I teach; hold a sword like you’d hold a penis. Not too firm but not too light. It should be a fluid grip that can hold on to the blade through an unexpected strike to it.
• Fingers: To start hold like a frying pan. A lot of styles champion having your index finger up the shaft but if you’re sloppy early on this can lead to battered or broken fingers so just wrap around for now.
• Position: bend your elbow in and have your sword pointing skyways. Your wrist should come about halfway between your shoulder and waist. If you don’t show your opponent your full extension from the get go they need to guess exactly where your ranges are.

• Up: to avoid getting hit in the face by keeping your whole body upright. If you lead with your nose your face will take a pounding. Let your opponent fight your sword – not your face.

Get ready for the art: here is what I mean in a doodle

war face

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