So when two armies approach one another they need to get fighting or else it is going to be a very long night. Time to talk violence >:D

Firm foundations before flare. Three great habits to get into. We will speak about the fancier shots soon but let’s get three notions in place first.

  • If in doubt: don’t. We mean this in safety terms. (Dueling with Gods and licking items of ultimate power should fill you with doubt but do that anyway.) I mean don’t go for an over extended lunge on bad ground in the rain when it is nigh time with a weapon you aren’t familiar with. If you’re trying something new out maybe take it to a daytime practise first. (I will say this a lot in the early posts because it is so critical.)
  • Look before you strike. If you’re turning in a hurry, no matter how many dragons are coming to kill you look, turn, look, strike.
  • Location location location. If you’re going for head or shoulders you strike vertically. If you’re going for below the shoulder strike horizontally. Remember there are short asses in this world! (I am such a short ass. Your shoulder height shot is going to be my jaw so please lower that blow!) My artistic skills will demo this now: 12032501_10156016666555214_1170675545_n
  • Also – hit them with the hitting bit. If it has a handle on it then it is probably not the hitting bit… (more officially known as the ‘striking face/edge’) While pommel beating someone to death looks cool make sure it is consensual rp not part of your warfare.

Now for the actual hitting!

There is a golden rule of attacking: shoulder elbow wrist.

From your ready stance that is the order you swing your weapon in. Why? It helps you prevent stabs plus it helps you pull those blows. Roll the shoulder, then swing the elbow, then curl the wrist. Grab the nearest bottle or cling film and try.

  • Shoulder first. Angle the shot. Is it going high or low?
  • You elbow is bent in your ready stance to hide your range from your opponent. Now you need to throw that elbow straight. This gives your pre aimed shot the speed.
  • Then Wrist. This is the finesse. It is what stops your elbow from being too strong. The wrist does two things
    • Aims the shot. With the shoulder it decides exactly where this shot is going
    • Pulls the blow. You pull back on the sword to take the sting out of your shot. Contact and connect but don’t clout your enemy.

Right now: key questions!

Are all your enemies dead? If yes: hero poses/tend to wounded/loot the room

If no REMEMBER TO PULL OUT! (Hurr hurr) What I mean by that is get your arm out of the way. Reset to that ready stance. Why? So your arm isn’t a sitting duck. Spoilers: your opponent is probably trying to kill you too.

Between shots we encourage return to ready. That entttttire process has probably taken you a second. There is no shame in blinding your opponent with force so while they are on the back foot press your advantage. You can strike them again: we’re not taking turns.

Most systems have a minimum amount of time between hits (1 second rule: no matter how many times you are hit you take a maximum of 1 hit per second) or a minimum strike length (Full weapon blows: In between blows the weapon must move a minimum of X inches or its own length). Drumrolling is when you do lots of quick, tiny blows. It looks shit: you’re a warrior with a great sword – act like it. To make sure all your hits count try changing locations. Go from right arm to left or head to leg. Move your blows but keep the pressure on.

Next time we will look at defense. Thanks to all the guys who have been sending in articles for me. Once we’ve done the basics we will take a break and have a few sections from some good friends of mine 😀