I do promise to get back to the Fighting 101 series asap. Life is hectic (bridesmaid this weekend- very excited. Also got the job. Hoozar!) This post is a quick ‘I’m alive’. When I have more time I will tell you about this fab homebrew system I went to recently but until then…

Night vision is a fickle beast. She doesn’t hang around if you see the light of life nor does she some back quickly. There is nothing worse than trying to fight while dazzled.You’re unsafe and unsure.

It was when my Ent was trying to keep two beloveds apart, being rended to pieces by the local Slayer, I had a realisation. Red lights are amazing.

Due to the all of nothing of the moment the Slayer had charged me with his head torch beaming forwards instead of taking his normal care to dip it. That said, red light didn’t take out my night vision nor his. Top idea by a top roleplayer.

More about the Buffy Larp I went to and Fightan as soon as I can 😀