Every get stressed at LARP? And not the good type of IC stress – but the crippling ooc nausea that comes from investing in your goal that hard?


Well, I do. Near enough every event I put some kind of strain on myself to be the best at X. I’ve lead people to fight for their lives and I have risked everyone brave enough to contribute while I open up our souls to cosmic powers.


And here we are on the evening before the event that will determine if I can bash out one last trial and put myself in contention to earn one of the rarest skills in the game. I am a little nervous. Now, I will take plenty of ‘me moments’ and I have a guy whos literal job it is to remind me everything is going to be fine but that is not my greatest weapon. Oh no. My top tier tip for keeping your ooc self calm and functioning at events is this: bright pink pants.


When I lead my first Gathering battle as field marshal on home turf. When we went and somehow won a battle on paper we were destined to lose. Pink pants.

First ritual. When I have snuffed out another hopeful to get the chance to be there and a lot of people are expecting greatness from me? Pink pants.


I could go on but I don’t want to sully too many of my greatest roleplay moments with the admission I was thinking about my underwear. Why? I hear you ask. Well, it helps me take a breath and remind myself it is a game and under the face paint and mask I am a real person who needs real underwear. Some people struggle getting into a game but there is another other half of the spectrum. Those, like me, who really live the game: we need help too. Enter what I like to call a grounding device. Something to take yourself out of the moment.

It can be as simple as your ooc keys in your pocket or eating a kit kat and making no appologies for the wrapper. I like the pants and it makes me chuckle every time. That moment of relief is critical.

So, as we enter the biggest LT event of the year and the highlight of my LARPing calanedar I look to everyone of my friends in this boat. Let’s not take it so seriously we make ourselves sad, ill or stressed. Let’s not play such a dark dickhead that we forget the characters around us are real people. Let’s not be so obsessed with perfection that we fail to see the joy in getting to second place standard.

Let’s rock it.