Union is a linear system. One weekend a year it braves a full weekend long event. Me and the other two gents who make up the head ref team have been working on it for months but ceaselessly over the last week.

Before I left to site I had a post in mind. Something catchy. ‘We are the three soldiers. We are every mastermind you’ve ever faced. Every trap you’ve ever triggered. Every ward in your way. We are the friends you make and foes you vanquish.’

This weekend could not have proven me more wrong.

We put our hearts, souls and mind into writing linears. Documents that tell people how to act and where to stand. However, there are agents beyond our documents. There are living and breathing people who fill out every roll. People that frequently took my writing to a place better than it had any right to be.

So: to the Prince of Sirens and his conniving servants, to Judge Farsight and her eerie ways, to the cackling eyeless in the night, to the trolls that lumbered and the lurking Monks of Whispers, to Lucky – may she rest in peace – to the Scorned themselves, to our monsters in all your roles. Thank you.

Moreover, our players breathed life into our world. They struggled, thought and dared this weekend. And, driving home, I was blinded by the Sun and I got to think of what they’d achieved. Light Bringers – you magnificent band.

So: the most important lesson I learned writing and running a weekend with two dear friends? We are not just three soldiers. We’re an army. As players, monsters, logistics, caterers, committee and refs we are a Union. And we’re a damn fine one.

To everyone who helped and attended our weekend: thank you. We hope you had an excellent time.