Something sentimental after the final session of our LARP, Union.
Expect a few of these – this one will not be of use. This one will just be honest.  
The Last Day. The Dying Light. The Soulforge. The Hollowed one. To Claim a Castle. No Place like Home. Taking Names. To Touch a Star. A New Dawn. Live and Tell the Tale.
This was our story. A tale of the Lightbringers. A rag tag band of Explorers who saved the Sun and escaped against all the odds.
They took our words and made them live. They were every great decision and every clutch save. They were every speech and every silence. Tonight only reinforced why we do what we do. It only made me want to try harder.
It was not always perfect. It was the best I could give you. It was the work of three friends and countless volunteers.
Tonight I killed some of my favourite living, breathing stories. Such is the heartache of being a head ref; particularly the monster ref. If this post sounds sad I suppose that’s because it is. Thank you to everyone who took death with grace. It does not change the fact I bought friends to anger and tears today. My job is to handle that cooly and keep everything flowing. I’d be lying if I told you it was easy.  I adored and invested in you all. 
However, for all of it. I would not change it. We introduced some people that would never have met. In a year they saved the world together. They pushed our boundaries as much as we pushed theirs. For all the meetings and struggle it was worth it. 
Running a LARP has changed how I LARP. However, I can say with certainty it has not changed why I LARP. The people and the story. I don’t understand people content to just work and sleep. I cannot fathom why you’d not want to spend every free second playing at being a storyteller. I am constantly fortified that I have found people who feel the same way.
Thank you to everyone who took part in our system this year. It’s been a pleasure.
Thank you to everyone who has run Larps for me. Now I understand I am even more grateful.